Launch Glider

The Launch Glider is an easy-to-build balsa wood model or expanded polystyrene (EP) Foam glider which is launched from an elastic catapult launcher. The glider trains students in the art of building a functional glider from basic material and tools, and trimming of the glider for best glide ratio flight.

Students can then hone their skills in building better launch gliders for participation in various competitions.

Control Line

A control line model is one of the forms of powered model aircraft flying in the aeromodelling world. The model is connected via two wires to a handle controlled by the pilot in the center of the flying circle. These wires control the pitching motion of the aircraft and keep its flight path in a fixed circle.

Students are taught to build basic fixed wing models powered by electric motors. They are then taught how to fly their creation after the model is completed. This will enable them to take part in the yearly SYFC Inter School Competition. However, should they develop a deeper passion for control line flying, they can move on to higher powered piston motors as they train for various F2 (Control Line) competition categories where they have an opportunity to represent Singapore in regional and international meets.

Indoor Radio Control (RC)

Another form of powered model aircraft flying. Students are taught to build, assemble and fly fixed-wing RC flying models which allow them to experience controlling an aircraft using all three axes; Pitch, Roll and Yaw in an indoor environment.

PC Flight Simulator

The PC Flight Simulator introduces students to the basics of piloting a light aircraft. These include conducting the standard instrument scan in a cockpit, observing the operating speed and heading of the aircraft and maintaining accuracy in flying.

The Seletar Airport circuit is used in order to familiarise them with the environment in which they will be operating in when they progress onto the actual flying program.

Flight Experience Program (FEP) and visits

The FEP gives students an opportunity to take joyrides on various RSAF and SYFC aircraft platforms including the Lockheed C-130, Fokker 50, CH-47 Chinook and Diamond DA-40. This also gives them the chance to visit the various airbases and squadrons in the RSAF, and interact up-close with operational personnel.


Students have the opportunity to participate in a number of local and overseas competitions, such as:

SYFC Inter-school Competition
Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC)
Regional Control Line (F2) Championships
F2 World Championships

The F2 competitions feature four categories of control line flying:

F2A – Speed
F2B – Aerobatics
F2C – Team Racing
F2D – Air Combat