Basic Quadcopter

This course introduces students to fundamental quadcopter (drone) flying, and allows them to familiarise themselves with the controls of the aircraft as well as the safe operation and areas of operation. Students pilot the drone from a fixed standpoint, also known as line-of-sight flying; this is an easier method of controlling the drone.

Aviation Instructor

Students aspiring to become mentors and trainers will attend this two day course which will equip them with the necessary knowledge required to become instructors or appointment holders in their respective schools.

SYFC Workup and Introduction to Flight Training (SWIFT)

Selected students with good performance are offered this course to better equip them for the flying training phase. Over a span of four-and-a-half days, essential flying knowledge is imparted to the students by SYFC instructors


The aerodynamics course provides participants with a general overview on this topic, and is designed to instill an initial level of understanding of aerodynamics.

Aircraft Propulsion

Similar to the aerodynamics course, this module introduces the various types of propulsion systems used by aircraft and how they work. This will enable students to be able to identify the engines and have a basic understanding of their application.